AnimalsVit food supplements for cats

100% natural ingredients.

Our cats are members of our family that receive love and the best care.

Our complete food supplements for animals are recommended to counter digestive disorders which can be the cause of several diseases in your cat. At AnimalsVit, we have developed 100% natural food supplements specially designed to balance your cat's intestinal flora and overcome daily digestive problems.

With Energy Booster and Premium Mix, our range dedicated to cats and dogs, your pet will have a strong and solid immune system with

  •   . Un pelage brillant ;
  •   . Une forme à toute épreuve ;
  •   . Un bon appétit ;
  •   . Un regard brillant ;
  •   . Des selles régulières.

Follow our advice for use to optimize the results obtained.

Before giving food supplements to your pet,you should always seek the advice of your veterinarian!

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